Reducing holiday stress in 4 easy steps

The holiday season is upon us and it’s one of those crazy times of year where we eagerly await it’s arrival and then suddenly we can find ourselves with an overloaded schedule, money flying out of our wallets or onto our credit cards and then all of a sudden for those Chevy Chase’s Christmas fans your Cousin Eddie and his family arrive.

Tips to keep yourself on the festive side of this holiday season

Get a move on…..

When our schedules get crazy one of the first things that we tend to leave off our schedule is our personal time whether it be running, hitting the gym or landing on your mat. That time to clear our heads, focus on some movement and breathe is even more important at these times. Maybe hitting that 60 minute class or hitting the gym or road for an hour or 2 isn’t feasible so reduce the time. Hitting your mat for even 10-15 mins can make a world of difference, for those gym junkies mix it up with a full body blitz and reduce your workout to 30 mins. Keep those happy exercise endorphin's flowing.

Say “yes” to saying “no”

This time of year the demands on our time and special requests can be overwhelming. Giving yourself permission to say “yes” to you and “no” to those things that don’t excite you. One of the best lessons I have learnt - you don’t have to provide some long winded excuse on ‘why’ you can’t attend. It’s this easy “Sorry I already have a commitment at that time” and yes that prior commitment can be a date with you in your tub with a book and a glass of wine. Get comfortable with giving yourself permission to say yes to you!


The holiday season can bring out that need for everything to be perfect! The perfect decorating, meal plans, outfit, gift giving and the list continues! Let it go and embrace the KISS. That lovely acronym “Keep it Simple Stupid” It doesn’t all have to be perfect, no you don’t have to do everything, delegate and let others chip in and provide support. Take a new spin on holiday tasks like hosting a gift wrapping wine night and make sure to have everyone provide the wrap, gift bags, bows and even an appie as remember we are keeping it simple.

Financial Tight-Rope

Last consensus I heard the average person will spend over $1100 this holiday season on gifts, the same price as that round trip all inclusive week away. Gifts or vacation…. Sorry I got sidetracked with pools, sand and a margarita. How many people are on your holiday list that don’t actually need to be on it? How many gifts do you purchase because you feel obligated?

Large families, big groups of friends put a reasonable price limit out there or better yet organize a gift exchange. Gift exchanges are a wonderful way to not only give better gifts but they can also save you some great dollars. If you are buying 10 gifts at $10/person but instead you organized a gift exchange with each person buying only one $40 gift each person would save themselves $60 and each person will leave with a more substantial gift then that token box of chocolates or bottle of wine… although personally I have nothing against that bottle but I bet it topped the $10 gift cap?

Cheers to the holiday season, remembering it’s about sharing the positive energy of the holidays, enjoying ourselves and those around us.

If you any tips to help with the holiday season feel free to comment below!

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