Living 2018 with Intention

As the calendar zooms to the 31st, the closing of one year added in with the excitement of a new year arriving. It is a great opportunity to review our previous year to reflect on what we have learned about ourselves in the past 12 months and how we would like to grow in the upcoming year.

With New Year’s there is the talk of setting resolutions which tend to disappear by the 3rd of January. Instead we can look ahead by setting intentions of how we want to live our lives working towards creating that new version of ourselves each and every single day. By setting intentions we give ourselves a clarity, an ability to prioritize what is important to us and to begin taking further steps to a life filled with passion and purpose.

Tips on how you can create an intention filled 2018

Take a quiet moment to sit and reflect on what parts of your life bring you joy? What sets your soul on fire? What fills you with purpose and re-charges your spirit?

Create a list of your desires and wants for this upcoming year and then placing it where you will see it on a daily basis as a reminder. If you have that proud supporter sharing with them your goals for some extra accountability perhaps you will even inspire them to look at their upcoming year as well.

Choosing a word or short mantra that has a heartfelt meaning to you that will help as a guide to keep you on your path. This word or mantra could be included in your yoga practice, meditation or another part of your daily routine as that positive reminder of your focus.

Exhale and release it to the Universe. Once you have your intentions created, those seeds of possibility planted, allow the Universe to partner with you to provide the water for those seeds to grow and for you to live your best possible life.

Inspiring questions to get that fire started….

What gives you a sense of purpose? Sets your soul on fire?

What do you want more of in your life? What is currently going well?

Where have you been distracted this past year? What positive changes can you make?

Where did you allow yourself to be held back? Where can you take that leap of faith?

It's 2018 how do you want to reflect back on this upcoming year?

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