Letting 'sit' happen

Meditation is that healthy pause in our day that our bodies and mind need. A moment to be calm with our breath, okay with any thoughts that may arise and letting ourselves simply be. By letting ourselves ease ​​into a meditation practice, starting with mini pauses we may even find ourselves meditating several times a day.

I know personally I was hit n miss for years with having a daily practice due to forcing myself to commit to the ideals of time, structure of where to sit and how, creating a stage that didn’t feel authentic to me so I recreated the rules to work for me. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to begin your own meditation practice or perhaps give you additional ideas to add to your existing practice.

Morning meditations can be an incredible way to set the tone and stage for our day. Personally I found it a challenge to force myself to get up 15-20 mins early to snuggle into some clothes and sit somewhere on a ​cushion or on the floor. I adjusted my morning meditation to fit me now I wake up 10 mins early I pour myself a cup of coffee…. You read that right I meditate with my morning java- insert angels singing. Then I set up my pillows and crawl right back into bed. No phones just a beautiful quiet while I sip the morning nectar, cuddle my darling pup and breath letting the day begin peacefully and connecting with myself body, mind and soul.

Lunch time meditations and the novel concept of actually leaving your work to reset your system and clear your mind. Taking this opportunity to enjoy fresh air while walking in a silent meditation. Looking at the scenery around you, noticing the color of the sky and smiling at the cute old couple walking holding hands. Letting Mother Nature take away your concerns in your exhales and refilling you with fresh energy with each inhale.

Mid-Day meditations can be one of those much needed pauses to steer our body out of our flight or fight responses. Pressures of to-do lists, emails and deadlines that are looming. When it feels like the pressure cooker is on and the last thing you have is a minute to breath that is the exact time you need to take 3-10 minutes to do exactly that. If you are working in an office find a quiet spot and yes this may even be the washroom (don’t tell me you have never hidden out there before). My day has me in my vehicle a lot and instead of that constant rush that I must get to here or there I will allow myself the luxury of sitting there even if only for a minute or two to take a reflective pause and moment to practice gratitude.

Evening meditations and if you have difficulty falling asleep you may even find this to be your new magic. ​​Getting out your phone or tablet, going to podcasts and searching 'guided sleep meditations'. There is a huge variety of podcasts from silly stories to distract you, motivational, letting go and the other night I enjoyed a podcast that talked about winning the lottery unfortunately I don’t know what happened as I passed out cold as I found out I had the third winning number. The trick here when you set up your podcast there is a little moon icon on the screen, click on it, you will see options of how long to leave the podcast running and at the bottom of the list is the option to finish when the podcast is over and voila’ sleepy time.

A sampling of benefits from having a meditation practice

Reduces stress

Helps control anxiety

Improves our focus and concentration

Weight loss

Self awareness

Increases happiness

Slows aging

Improves cardiovascular and respiratory health

If you have any questions about meditations or special requests for future blogs please

feel free to reach out yvonne@vonyasa.com

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