Give yourself a break with self-compassion

On our roads of self discovery, exploring our wants, our needs, looking at our past, seeking our future we may find ourselves honing in on our faults and failures. Unfinished projects, education wasted, money foolishly spent, the ups and downs of body image, relationships, career choices and down the rabbit hole we go…… It is hard when we are in these introspective moments to not trash talk ourselves creating that inner chatter that only makes ourselves feel worse.

This is where we need to find our self-compassion. Creating a safe space within ourselves to be able to see our awesomeness right alongside our faults free of judgement with kindness and caring.

A few ways you can practice compassion and self-care:

Be your own best friend- When we spiral down that rabbit hole the inner chatter can turn us into our version “mean girls” Creating an inner dialogue we would never entertain when talking to a friend about their issues and concerns.Begin to treat yourself the same as you would a great friend, loved family member or even your beloved fur companion.

Practice Mindfulness- When we find ourselves looking at the past, those moments that can’t be undone and the inner critic telling us all the things we coulda, woulda, shoulda done differently. Letting yourself step away, taking that full picture moment and letting yourself see it without the negative judgement. It is part of your past, it happened. Instead we can ask ourselves what did we learn? What changes can we make in the future? Or perhaps it’s something we need to simply let go off.

Permission to be Imperfect- this can take us back to those highlight reels we are ever so lovingly filled with in our days. Such and such has this amazing life, no worries, everything comes so easy to them….. (please tell me you realize that is a whole lotta bullshit)

Everything in life comes with ebbs and flows as do our bodies, minds and spirit. Giving ourselves a permission slip to be human, to be flawed, to take that pause within our private spaces to re-group and know that we are not alone we all make mistakes, we all have challenges and we are all working on something.

Rewrite your story- writing yourself words of understanding, kindness and empathy. Acknowledge your feelings, note how this connects you and makes you similar to others.

Take a moment to acknowledge your current awesome, perhaps there are others who you admire start to notice how you share some similar qualities with them. Write as you would write your best friend when sending them words of love and support.

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