Those things we don't want to face

We all have our thing... that portion of reality that we will do most anything to avoid and for me it's a scary one and one that I share with many....

matters of MONEY I avoid or shall I say until very recently I avoided looking at my account balance ironically whether there was a surplus of funds and even more so when the surplus was gone. I don't know where this horrible relationship began with money other then the feelings of never really having things and going without as a struggling young married adult with children. Then came the years where the money flowed and it was my time after all those years of going without I was going to have anything I wanted. Now I find myself somewhere in that middle with the potential for a little surplus or with the way I have been heading directly into a HUGE potential of drought and trouble.

Over the years I have purchased and read many personal development books on finances and getting your poop together. The only take away I was really good at understanding was the sending of the message to the Universe that you know that money will freely flow to you so all is good and yes you can still spend. I am sure there was more to that sentence or maybe it was further into the chapter but as with all humans I read what I wanted to hear, the book was closed and I was most likely already off shopping.

Whatever our personal issue is money, weight loss, relationships we all need that Holy Sh*t moment where you realize we really need to make a change. For some us this can take a few holy sh*ts and hopefully we get the message in time. Recently I experienced my personal Holy Sh*t and it was actually a mind change. I found something I wanted a LARGE purchase that in my old world I would have used the saying "if there is a will, there is a way" but for whatever reason this logical voice spoke up and told me "Due to the situation that you have let yourself get into this is not and will not be yours today." I have no idea where this smart talker has been hiding but for me it was the exact message I needed to hear to face my reality and know that I needed to start make changes and make them right then and there.

That facing of reality is the pivotal "Step One"

What is it that you really want? How do you want to change your current reality?

This can be said for any of our dig your head in the sand and avoid reality situations. Then change the way you talk about... take responsibility! That smart ass that spoke up in my situation specifically used the words "you let yourself get into" not using excuses due to the situation but due to me. myself and my decisions leading up to now. This was my personal catalyst to get myself on a new road and journey...... What questions or thoughts do you need to prompt that catalyst for you? What habit, situation or denial do you want to change your conversation with yourself so it no longer controls you?

More to come as it's a journey...... and am I ever learning a lot!

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