Aerial Yoga Class Tips

Ready to leave the mat and explore new views in an upside, right side and sideways life in the Aerial silks. Aerial Yoga Silks where you can enjoy your yoga world with traditional style yoga poses on your mat with the addition and support of the aerial silks. Then you can take this practice to new heights by enjoying inversions and poses within the silks. Majority of students are quickly reminded of their days in the playground as a child and yes there are moments of calm, giggling and my favourite "wwwwweeeeee" as you fly!

Things to know before your first class

Dress Right: Wear form fitting performance fabric clothing to prevent your clothing from getting tangled in the hammock. For women think of supported workout bras to avoid any upside oops moments. Men it is recommended to wear pants to your first few classes until you are comfortable in your silks to also prevent any of the those oops. Most studios will ask for you to wear a shirt that covers your armpits to help with any irritation and to help keep the silks clean.

Arrive Early: You want to arrive to an aerial class 10-15 mins early so you can introduce yourself to the instructor and letting them know that you are a newbie and concerns or questions you may have prior to the class. This will also allow you time to complete any paperwork that may be required and enabling time for you to get set up with your silk hammock prior to class. Silk are adjusted according to each students height so being early enables any adjustments to be made prior to the class official start time.

Which hammock do I pick: When trying something new or entering into a new environment we tend to tuck ourselves into the back of the room. With Aerial yoga once you hit the upside down world the back of the room can now become the front of the room. For newbie's I recommend hitting the middle of the room that way you have a great view in all directions of poses and what is happening in the room.

Dizzy, Nausea, Light headedness: Not everyone will experience this but there is a possibility of feeling dizzy during class and nauseous during or possibly after especially for those who are prone to motion sickness. If you are prone to motion sickness let your instructor know before class as they can help limit the movement and natural swinging of your aerial hammock. Inversion are a way for us to detoxify our bodies and if you are not use to them they can be challenging in the beginning. Ensure that you have enough water post class to help with detoxifying and cleansing process. For those with low blood pressure or with a tendency to feel light headed allow yourself time to relax into your inversion and then take your time slowly coming out of your inversion even allowing yourself a pause halfway up if it is available to you.

Have faith: When first diving into the world of aerial yoga it can be difficult to place faith into the hammock. Having concerns if the hammock is really going to hold your weight. This can cause us to hold back and not really get into the full pose and the benefits. Allow yourself time to relax into the hammock, time to relax into the pose and then enjoy the full moment.


Release your inner child and have FUN!

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