Vonyasa's 2017 Gift Guide

My TOP gift suggestions for the yogi, fitness enthusiast and hiker

on your shopping list. All of these suggestions are items that I use, cherish and even an item or two that are on my own wish list

Diving right in with the base of any Yogi practice - The MAT

My first choice and something that is on my own personal wish list a yoga mat from Sankalpa As soon as you check out their site you will understand why this item is still on my wish list as I haven't been able to pick one from all the amazing artist this company proudly supports. BONUS for the hot yoga enthusiast no sweat towel required and yeah for all yogi's as you can toss this mat right into your washing machine how cool is that? Discount code Yvonne20 to save 20%

For the travelling Yogi of course a travelling yoga mat that you can roll up or fold as shown above. I purchased this mat from Halfmoon Yoga and initially I was concerned as I love my 5mm mat but this mat worked like a charm, felt much stronger and sturdier then I expected. BONUS this company is Canadian based out of Vancouver and the pricing on all their mats in incredible ranging from $35-$80 Travelling mat and their Practice mats are my personal faves.

Nothing inspires hitting the mat or the gym better then some new workout gear and this picture is FULL of the things that I have a fallen in love with this year. You can be guaranteed to see them on my person or in my gym bag!

Top left if you don't already own a pair of Align leggings from Lululemon may I suggest not even waiting for Christmas, no seriously gggooo now.....

Top right and another amazing splurge this year... Nike Flyknits and when they get dirty you simply toss them into the washing machine. They are like wearing slippers.

Bottom left kicking off with the mini yoga towel from Halfmoon Yoga. This baby joins me during my hot yoga classes but I love it even more during my sweatfest workouts in the gym. Thanks to my wonderful daughter my workouts are even stronger with the Better Bodies lifting belt.

Bottom right if you are looking for some leggings that are comfy, fit great but have a lil something special going on check out Altar Ego for their amazing collection of leggings and capri's. This is an American company that is 100% female owned and operated with their focus of empowering women. Save 15% with discount code vonyasayoga

Time for a little bling and sparkle with my fave jewelry gift suggestions for this year

Beautiful macrame, bead and lotus bracelet is from one of my very talented yogi's. This was a limited edition run but she has many beautiful pieces to choose from- bracelets, necklaces and mala's. Supporting a small Lethbridge business and it's passionate owner by checking out her etsy site Mossy Island Creations

For the hiker on your gift list this baby is TOPS the "Alpine necklace" and it's no wonder that is one of their most popular items at Lace Brick Design another local business operated out of Calgary, Alberta. Check out their site as they have great tanks, sweatshirts, bags and oh yeah baby the trucker hats I have one on my wish list!

Rounding off this years list of gifts is the gift that will tag along with your lucky recipient everywhere they go - the ever important water bottle. I am excited to say this a local business based out of Vancouver, BC who's mission is to share native artistry and culture. You may see a close resemblance between this water bottle and another popular brand out there.... good news I own both and from my experience both do the same job cold/hot and this one comes in at a fraction of the cost.

Check out their many cool designs at Native Northwest Canada

If you are still unsure gift cards to try out new studios, gyms and fitness centers.

Workshops, retreats, training weekends. There are so many incredible events happening all the time.... Wanderlust festivals, Camp Yoga and I could continue on.

What did I miss that is TOPS on your list?!

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