Earth, grass, water, sand and our Root Chakra

Last night post our dinner feast and after sitting in the most uncomfortable bench ever I left before everyone else to enjoy the beach across the street immediately upon hitting the grass off came my flip flops and toes in the grass. There was a musician playing by himself a little ways away from me so he called out "the grass must feel good on your feet" oh yes! Funny enough earlier that day I was setting up poolside for my yoga practice and the grass was wet and my first thought "I should have my shoes on" and then the question why? Delving in a little deeper I had my first Reiki treatment and the lady told me that she had ever touched anyone who's feet felt so sad. Of course google was on after my session and I delved into the different thoughts and opinions on the possible why? As a yoga teacher a large amount of my day is spent in bare feet but not connected to nature. It's been an interesting lesson for me as my childhood each year had me starting the spring/summer season with my soft soled feet and ow ow as I walked to the ocean for a swim by the end of summer your feet tough as nails ready to charge over any rocks to get to that ocean. Food for the soul today when an opportunity arises to unleash your feet let them be free! Feel the ground below you, wiggle your toes in the grass, connect with Mother Nature and awaken your root chakra 💕 

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