A Christmas Miracle and Wish

Unable to sleep last night I succumbed to the

social media scroll. During my scroll I was

reminded of one of the most difficult events that led to my Christmas miracle. Stories of people making their Christmas travel with circumstances leading to their best fur friends to be missing. Yesterday a couple was driving in Calgary when their truck rolled and their Border Collie ran from the scene in fear. The couple both ended up being taken the hospital and the police are asking the community for help in finding their dog. A woman with her best fur friend visiting her parents. Her Dad took the dog out for a walk it saw a deer, ended up running onto a highway and the believe it may have also been struck by a vehicle. Last news I heard they were creating a search party for this morning to attempt to find their pup. Utter and complete devastation for those of us who are complete and utter lovers of our fur children.

Two Christmases ago we were on a holiday vacation in Mexico when my poor daughter had to make what was one of the toughest phone calls she will most likely ever make to let me know that Danae was missing. It was one of the most devastating messages of my life. This pup isn't just our best friend she is our rock and my soulmate. Danae came into our lives while Mike was in a difficult battle with cancer filled with uncertainty of what the final outcome may be. Dane was my sanity and my anchor for the world outside of the hospital. For Mike during his recovery and successful win over cancer she was his cuddle partner in addition to the thorn in his side as he owned her pee breaks. He credits Danae for his quick recovery.

Back to the Danae chronicles and Christmas miracles......She was being looked after by a friend, due to a mixture of events we believe she was tossed outside in the middle of a freezing cold winter night by the person living upstairs. It appears our little street smart hound found herself a dog friendly house a couple of blocks away. Standing at their front door barking like crazy until they let her inside. Once inside she politely polished off their dog's bowl of food and then happily climbed into their bed to snuggle her rescuers wife.

Thankfully with the help of social media my daughter and Danae's rescuer were able to connect and my little girl was safe. As I laid in bed after reading these stories I found myself moving into the middle of my bed so I could curl around this beautiful ball of fur. Extremely grateful for the fact that she is here, that we have been able to have an additional 2 years of her love with the expectations of many more to come.

To all the people out there who have found themselves stranded from their best fur friends may you experience your own Christmas Miracle and be re-connected with your best fur friend.

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