3 Easy ways to add intention into this upcoming year

The excitement of a chapter closing and that pristine white first page of a brand new year awaiting. Creating those new years resolutions of the new ways we are going to improve our lives to make them magical and then day one, two or possibly you even make through a full week and then BOOM our old patterns and habits kick back in.

Needless to say I am not a New Years resolution kinda person but I am goal setting Queen and I love having a focus for the upcoming year. Over the years I have played with several different styles of let's call it "Intention setting" goals.

My TOP 3 Intention Setting goals

Will Do Lists; this has been by far my most popular style for intention setting with many of my friends sharing their own to do lists over the years.

To create your own will do list you decide on 3-5 goals that you wish to accomplish in the

upcoming year within these areas of your life; Family, personal, health & wellness, career and financial goals. The KEY with this style of intention setting is to get it on paper, print it out and I personally placed mine in a frame and had it on my nightstand so I would see it daily.

This is a great project for those who have a focused path and know the

direction they are heading.

Year of ________; This was a fun adventure!

Choosing something that you want to introduce or possibly re-introduce into your life and creating a monthly focus. For myself this first year of _______ was reading. I have always been a book lover but had found over the years I was reading less and less. I created my year of books and each month I reached out to a friend to recommend a book for me to read that following month. It was an incredible experience...the first book was an unbelievable challenge, some books provided wonderful insight into my friends and I was definitely introduced into a variety of reading. My first year was books and the following year was a rediscovery into cooking and getting back into the kitchen. Do you have a passion that you may have lost touch with? Something that you would like to introduce into your world.

One word 365; The optimum in keeping it simple! A friend introduced me to the one word 365 project and this has been my go to for the previous 2 years. Choosing your one word that sums up how you would like to live your life this upcoming year. Providing yourself with a focus and intention on a daily basis. The KEY I found through this challenge is ensuring you have this word show up in your life as a reminder. Using it for passwords, finding a journal with your word on the cover, jewelry and even creating a board on Pinterest that highlights your word.

Find what calls your soul and get creative about this upcoming new chapter.

Dream it, Believe it and make it happen...

the rest of your life is awaiting!

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