The best gift of them all!

The holiday season with all its magic and merriment can also comes with a lot of stress. As the countdown begins with 'x' amount of weeks till Christmas and then we switch that out to amount of paycheques remaining. As the date looms our stress continues to climb right through that chimney that Santa is expected to come down with all his wares.

The irony of it all from the cost of Christmas, to the effort of finding the right gift(s), the line ups at the retailers, the traffic, the social engagements, expectations of baking, decorating..... and we end up grasping at the end of a very fragile rope! Then to top it all off our stress levels are tested which in turns reduces our resilience to life so we become snappier versions of ourselves, tired, exhausted and over-run! Loving the holiday season yet....

My Top Tips for surviving the holiday season

Top tip when it comes to gift giving - Live within your means and your budget!

I know personally all too well how difficult this can be between the people we feel obligated to purchase for to those who we genuinely want to lavish with new amazing gifts. Create your budget and live within it. Starting a gift exchange/secret santa with co-workers, friends or family so you are only purchasing one gift versus mutliple. The challenge I personally found the most difficult was reducing the number of people I purchased for and becoming okay with receiving and not necessarily giving. Good news my TOP gift recommendation is coming up so keep reading

Top tip for social engagements- Become okay with saying "No"

The holiday season arrives and there goes the calendar filled to brim with events. Those parties that have you excited, you simply can't wait for them to arrive hold them sacred on your calendar. Then there are those events where you would rather do pretty much anything but attend- surprise it is actually okay to say "Thank you so very much for the invitation but unfortunately I will be unable to make it!" The best part-- no excuses, no made up story required. Your otherwise obligated can be you attending a different function, enjoying a yoga class or lavishly laying in a bath tub with a glass of vino.

Top tip for simplifying- Be true to you

It is your holiday season just as much as everyone's around you. Keep things simple, do what you enjoy, say no to those things that feel like an obligation. Put up the tree, don't put up the tree. Bake it yourself or purchase it. STOP doing things due to the crazy standards or expectations that you have always put on yourself and let this be the holiday season where you create some new traditions.

My number one TOP holiday Tip and Gift of all "The Gift of Time"

Nothing beats the gift of someone's time.... bonding over the table with good food and wine. Chatting over a warm cup of java. Bundling up, enjoying a walk and chatting! Taking time out of your schedule to connect, being present and sharing with your family and friends! After all I do believe the true meaning of Christmas is about bringing happiness to others and our happiness needs to be taken into account as well! Happy Holidays!

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