Make like a tree and inspire your inner fun

Life is serious enough without bringing those feelings

into our free or fun time"

On the yoga mat we are driven to nail that elusive posture, on training runs we are focused on that average pace and at the gym we must hit that new PR. Continually striving, reaching, aiming for that next level and in there we often miss what originally attract us to our choice of fitness in the beginning. Our place to relax, release, unwind and have fun!

One of my favourite poses to teach is a playful version of tree pose that one of my special needs students has affectionately named "Dancing tree". In this pose I take my students through all the cues to create their most beautiful tree pose and then I ask them to imagine that the wind is picking up and for them to move their trees. This is where the key difference comes in- with kids I cue them to see how far their tree can bend and move without falling. With adults I cue them to see how far their tree can bend and move and if they don't fall they missed the point of the practice.

Get out there and find your playfulness! Allow yourself to fall out of that pose, run for the sake of running and try something new without the fear of how you look. Create new experiences, take new chances and allow ourselves to have fun in the process.

After all the best stories in life are the ones where everything didn't go smoothly.

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