Top 8 Gift ideas for your Yogi

My top gift suggestions for the Yogi in your life whether they are new to the mat or enjoy a daily practice!

Leading off with my tried and true Lululemon's 5mm mat. This one is a little bit thicker and is wonderful for those delicious stretches where you tend to be on your knees for a little bit longer. This mat will give you the support you need and buffer from the floor without requiring an extra roll of your mat or using a block.

Bonus: My last mat after only a few months of use was disintegrating. I talked to them at a Lululemon pop-up about my mat and it appears it was error due to how I was cleaning my mat. Regardless they turned around and handed me a brand new mat! That action has anchored my passion for this mat even more.

Leggings! Leggings! Nothing inspires a workout or incentive to hit the mat as a brand new pair of playful leggings. These leggings from Altra Ego are amazing and are on my personal wish list!

Graphic tees to show off your Yogi's personality both on and off the mat!

I was recently introduced to this brand new clothing line Inner Fire and love that I can feature a Canadian company based in BC.

Any fitness enthusiast of fashionista on your holiday list will love these headbands from Halo headwear. Mother and baby options are available as well. They make two styles of headbands full with a raw edge my personal preference and then a double fold with a finished edge. BONUS for those shopping for Mother/Baby you can get a matching set of headbands.

With the cooler months I am a recent convert to Yoga Socks. Keeping your Yogi's feet not only warm but strongly rooted and grounded in their practice. Disclaimer I have not tried this specific brand and mine were gifted to me a long time ago and I don't know from where.

Of course your yogi needs a carry-all for all their goodies to and from class! I have been

through so many bags and this one from Lululemon is my all-time favourite and appropriately called "The yoga bag" as it is "THE" bag to have in my opinion. An easy opening for getting your mat in and out. A pocket for your phone and a few goodies with a larger mesh pocket that I use for my water bottle and towel.

Charms and jewelry to inspire your Yogi off the mat and into the world. Hamsa as shown in this picture is a symbol of protection and it's said to bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

Hamsa, Om, Ganesh, Buddha and Lotus flowers are all loved and appreciated yogic symbols.

If you are wanting to go BIG and really surprise your Yogi nothing tops

a yoga workshop, weekend retreat or heck why not go all the way and

hook your yogi up with a trip to Bali-- Pick me! Pick me!

Yoga workshops can be found within your local community or nearby cities. (Hint, hint be on the watch out here as I have some exciting workshop announcements pending)

Weekend retreats are happening all over the place and are a wonderful way to submerse yourself into the yoga community for a few days to refuel and recharge.

Hook your yogi up with the gift of a lifetime! Travelling to Bali, Costa Rica, India for a 200 hour yoga certification or time out recharge and refuel yoga excursion.

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