Those words "You've Changed"

Those words "You've changed" that are often used as a negative as friendships become difficult and distanced. Where instead this comment should be a

taken as a HUGE celebration! "Why yes I have and thank you so much for noticing!"

As we find ourselves exiting another year this is a wonderful opportunity to pause

and take some self-reflection on those opportunities, those leaps of faith that you have taken this year that have helped you create that "You've changed"

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get those wheels turning in

celebrating those ever evolving changes that you have made this year.

  • Did you experience any milestones this year? Marriage, divorce, children

  • Did you accomplish something that previously you never would have imagined doing?

  • Did you leave your comfort zone once, twice?

  • Did you make a changes in your career?

  • Did you make any changes in your health?

  • Did you find a new passion or hobby?

  • Did you open yourself up to new friendships?

  • Did you learn anything new about you from travel or adventure?

  • Did you make any financial changes?

  • Did you take any courses?

  • Did you create any new habits?

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