Tips to ease you into your first yoga class

Attending your first yoga class or any group fitness class can feel very intimidating and scary. Even those who regularly attend classes can feel nervous when they try out a new studio or gym so first off know that you are not alone!

Here are some tips and tricks to get yourself eased into your class.

1. Arrive early; ideally arriving to your class 10 mins early. This will give you time to check out the facility, fill out any necessary paperwork and get yourself set up in a prime location.

2. Introduce yourself; I know this sounds scary but introduce yourself to the instructor. Let them know its your first time. As an instructor I can tell you we love to meet new soon to be yogi's and it helps us to be able to nurture you in your new practice.

3. Grab all the props; Feel free to grab all the available props around you. In a typical yoga studio you will traditionally find yoga mats, blocks and straps. Feel free to grab them and have them at the ready during your practice. For those type A's it is okay for us to use those props too and it may even increase your enjoyment of the class.

4. Prime Location; After convincing yourself to get out of the car the second scariest part is entering the studio space. First breathe its all going to be okay. Now the really scary part I want you to fight ALL your tendencies to run and hide in the back corner. Stay with me, I am NOT going to suggest that you move up front. Ideal location is setting yourself up in a spot where you can see the instructor. In addition many instructors myself included will walk around the room so having students on each side of you and one or two in front of you will help with providing those visual cues for when the instructor is off the mat helping and assisting others.

5. Relax; You have made it! You are in the class, you have your props and your mat is in its prime location. Once you are on your mat this is the beginning of your practice. Your moment to unwind from your day and begin to relax. You can comfortably sit, stretch or even lay in corpse pose. This is your personal transition from the outside world to the quiet of your mat.

6. Go with the flow; Don't place any expectations on yourself! Simply arrive ready to breathe and move your body... it really is that simple! Having no preconceived notions about what you can or can't accomplish or poses you can or can't do. Keeping this positive outlook and leaving expectations at the door will result in the best experience possible.

My BIGGEST tip that no one ever believes "No one is watching you!" Once the class gets started everyone is focused on their own bodies, breathing and movements. As a newbie you may look to other students when unsure about your pose and movement but otherwise only in the rare occasion when something catches your eye will you notice the others around you.

If you have felt the calling to go try a yoga class or another style of fitness class I hope this can help ease some of your concerns. If you have additional questions or concerns please feel free to comment below or reach out to me personally at

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