Corporate Wellness

Introducing a wellness and yoga program into your business will provide employees with more than a break from day to day stresses. A wellness program offers your employees the essential tools to successfully manage stress, increase energy levels, improve attention span and focus. 

Even one class a week will develop concentration, mental strength and flexibility. 

It also compliments your working community, team building efforts, and provides

staff members a time for personal development. 

Benefits of a Wellness Program

  • Reduces Absenteeism

Improved immunity means less work days lost through colds, fatigue and other non-specific illnesses.

  • Reduces back pain

 The stronger, healthier backs that result from a regular yoga/stretching practice will significantly lessen the number of days missed in your company.

  • Ability to Stay Calm

Tightening deadlines, conflict and other stresses will lose their grip as you learn to breathe and remain relaxed.

  • More Energy and Vitality

Physical movement awakens hidden reserves of energy within your nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems so drowsiness and fatigue are replaced by alertness and aliveness. Creating those "Happy Endorphins"

  • Team Building

Participating together is a way to build better communication and trust between members of a team and even have fun.


Fun Fact:

By improving the overall well being of your employees you can expect a dramatic increase in worker satisfaction and engagement. Studies repeatedly show that healthier and happier employees tend to feel better about their jobs and are more effective with their productivity. Every $1 spent on wellness/yoga on employees, returns approximate $3 to the employer (Conference Board of Canada).

Styles of Wellness Programs

Stretching/Rolling Massage   Restorative Yin Yoga   Power/Vinyasa/Flow Yoga

Strength and Conditioning Programs

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