Living 2018 with Intention

Ditching new years resolution and instead living a year of intention and easy ways to dial into your intention to live your best life yet

Reducing holiday stress in 4 easy steps

The holiday season is upon us and it’s one of those crazy times of year where we eagerly await it’s arrival and then suddenly we can find ourselves with an overloaded schedule, money flying out of our wallets or onto our credit cards and then all of a sudden for those Chevy Chase’s Christmas fans your Cousin Eddie and his family arrive. Tips to keep yourself on the festive side of this holiday season Get a move on….. When our schedules get crazy one of the first things that we tend to leave off our schedule is our personal time whether it be running, hitting the gym or landing on your mat. That time to clear our heads, focus on some movement and breathe is even more important at these times.

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