Give yourself a break with self-compassion

On our roads of self discovery, exploring our wants, our needs, looking at our past, seeking our future we may find ourselves honing in on our faults and failures. Unfinished projects, education wasted, money foolishly spent, the ups and downs of body image, relationships, career choices and down the rabbit hole we go…… It is hard when we are in these introspective moments to not trash talk ourselves creating that inner chatter that only makes ourselves feel worse. This is where we need to find our self-compassion. Creating a safe space within ourselves to be able to see our awesomeness right alongside our faults free of judgement with kindness and caring. A few ways you can practice compass

Letting 'sit' happen

Meditation is that healthy pause in our day that our bodies and mind need. Tips and suggestions on how you can incorporate mini meditations

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