A Christmas Miracle and Wish

Unable to sleep last night I succumbed to the social media scroll. During my scroll I was reminded of one of the most difficult events that led to my Christmas miracle. Stories of people making their Christmas travel with circumstances leading to their best fur friends to be missing. Yesterday a couple was driving in Calgary when their truck rolled and their Border Collie ran from the scene in fear. The couple both ended up being taken the hospital and the police are asking the community for help in finding their dog. A woman with her best fur friend visiting her parents. Her Dad took the dog out for a walk it saw a deer, ended up running onto a highway and the believe it may have also bee

3 Easy ways to add intention into this upcoming year

The excitement of a chapter closing and that pristine white first page of a brand new year awaiting. Creating those new years resolutions of the new ways we are going to improve our lives to make them magical and then day one, two or possibly you even make through a full week and then BOOM our old patterns and habits kick back in. Needless to say I am not a New Years resolution kinda person but I am goal setting Queen and I love having a focus for the upcoming year. Over the years I have played with several different styles of let's call it "Intention setting" goals. My TOP 3 Intention Setting goals Will Do Lists; this has been by far my most popular style for intention setting with many of

The best gift of them all!

The holiday season with all its magic and merriment can also comes with a lot of stress. As the countdown begins with 'x' amount of weeks till Christmas and then we switch that out to amount of paycheques remaining. As the date looms our stress continues to climb right through that chimney that Santa is expected to come down with all his wares. The irony of it all from the cost of Christmas, to the effort of finding the right gift(s), the line ups at the retailers, the traffic, the social engagements, expectations of baking, decorating..... and we end up grasping at the end of a very fragile rope! Then to top it all off our stress levels are tested which in turns reduces our resilience to l

Make like a tree and inspire your inner fun

Life is serious enough without bringing those feelings into our free or fun time" On the yoga mat we are driven to nail that elusive posture, on training runs we are focused on that average pace and at the gym we must hit that new PR. Continually striving, reaching, aiming for that next level and in there we often miss what originally attract us to our choice of fitness in the beginning. Our place to relax, release, unwind and have fun! One of my favourite poses to teach is a playful version of tree pose that one of my special needs students has affectionately named "Dancing tree". In this pose I take my students through all the cues to create their most beautiful tree pose and then I ask th

Top 8 Gift ideas for your Yogi

My top gift suggestions for the Yogi in your life whether they are new to the mat or enjoy a daily practice! Leading off with my tried and true Lululemon's 5mm mat. This one is a little bit thicker and is wonderful for those delicious stretches where you tend to be on your knees for a little bit longer. This mat will give you the support you need and buffer from the floor without requiring an extra roll of your mat or using a block. Bonus: My last mat after only a few months of use was disintegrating. I talked to them at a Lululemon pop-up about my mat and it appears it was error due to how I was cleaning my mat. Regardless they turned around and handed me a brand new mat! That action has a

Those words "You've Changed"

Those words "You've changed" that are often used as a negative as friendships become difficult and distanced. Where instead this comment should be a taken as a HUGE celebration! "Why yes I have and thank you so much for noticing!" As we find ourselves exiting another year this is a wonderful opportunity to pause and take some self-reflection on those opportunities, those leaps of faith that you have taken this year that have helped you create that "You've changed" Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get those wheels turning in celebrating those ever evolving changes that you have made this year. Did you experience any milestones this year? Marriage, divorce, children Did you acc

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