New Moon, New Intentions and New Possibilities

Celebrations of the new moon that happens today at 4:18 pm PST as we enter into the new lunar cycle in Sagittarius. Leaving behind the darkness of the past as we find a new light and energy to surround us. This new lunar phase is a great opportunity for us to look inward and honor the changes or possibilities of change that are occurring in our lives. Providing ourselves the time for self-reflection, relaxation and enlightenment. As this new moon squares with Neptune and the South node in Pisces this is our time to use our new enlightenment to discern what is true from delusion. Letting go of fears, the unknown and the need for control as we re-connect to our true selves, our vision and hope

It's time for loving-kindness

With the sadness and heaviness that many of us have been feeling with the recent events of the presidential candidate election that took place in what is for me my southern neighbor. All the anger, hate and fear that has been shared through out social media, news outlets and for some it's even more personal as in concerns for their own personal safety. The unknown of which way this pendulum could fall is scary which in turn can create more fear and then the cycle continues. As a yogi these are difficult feelings to embrace. The ideals and beliefs of spreading light and love can feel dimmed. Feelings of embracing the darkness we are currently feeling yet eager to own our brightness again to h

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